Workshop “Bad Roads Well Built”

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Workshop 2023

How to come to the Conference Venue

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Arrival by car

You reach Darmstadt from the north, west or south via motorway (Autobahn) A5 or A67; leave the motorway near “Darmstädter Kreuz” (“Darmstadt crossing”) at the exit “Darmstadt Mitte” (“Darmstadt Center”). From the east, you may use motorway A3; leave it at exit ”Aschaffenburg West / Stockstadt” and follow the signs to Darmstadt via national roads B469 und B26 (about 40 km).

In Darmstadt follow the signs „TU-Stadtmitte“, until you can see the baroque castle of Darmstadt on the left; in front of you, you will see the Welcome Hotel with the welcome building of TU Darmstadt, on the right the modern congress centre “Darmstadtium”. Turn right into ”Alexanderstraße" between these two buildings and follow this street, that will be called “Dieburger Straße“ later.

The last building on the right side of the “Dieburger Straße”, just before you leave Darmstadt, at the bus stop ”Fasanerie”, is the “Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg”-house, the conference venue.

There are a few parking places directly at the house, which you can reach through the driveway behind the bus stop and directly before the “Fasaneriemauer” (“wall of the ancient pheasant garden”; see map below). You may find some more parking places right after the “Fasaneriemauer” to your right. If all places are occupied, please turn around back to the town and try to find a parking place in the residential zone nearby.

As there are not so many parking places near the venue, we recommend to let them to the guests who really need it; please try to let your car at the hotel and use public transport.